Getting the Most from your Rocketbook Notebook

The Rocketbook Everlast is a fantastic gift for the wired high school or college student. It puts a new twist on taking notes in the more traditional way with pen and paper, while at the same time not being as onerous as using a tablet computer to take handwritten notes. There are two parts to understanding the value of this system: The notebook is made of paper-like plastic, rather than regular paper. This is great because it means that if you use the readily available Pilot Frixion Pens or Markers,…

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Republic Wireless and Project Fi Customer Review and Comparison Phone Bills Reviews Save Money Technology 

Republic Wireless 3.0 vs Google Project Fi Mobile Phone Service Review

If you’re tired of the big U.S. mobile phone companies (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile), you may want to consider two very strong contenders: Google Project Fi and Republic Wireless 3.0. Below is my review and comparison of the two service providers. ] I am a customer of both Google Fi and Republic Wireless. I have been with Republic Wireless since the beginning and am a more recent Google Project Fi customer starting in July 2016–I currently have two mobile phone lines on each service–my wife and I…

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Private Schools in Howard County Maryland Education Featured gifted and talented Private Schools 

Private Schools in Howard County Maryland

Glenelg Country School Manor House, Ellicott City, MD Living in Howard County Maryland means that the bar is set relatively high for public schools–not to mention private schools in Howard County. By many standards, Maryland and Massachusetts have the best schools in the USA.  And within Maryland, the two top contenders are Montgomery County Public Schools and Howard County Public Schools.  So this is to say that Howard County’s schools are among the best in the country. Still, to many parents there are a multitude of issues about both Howard County and Montgomery County Public…

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The Best Preschools in Howard County Md Education gifted and talented preschool Private Schools 

Outstanding Preschools In Howard County Maryland

There are many choices for preschools in Howard County, Maryland.  Finding the right fit can be difficult as can knowing who to trust with your young children.  To help you with this decision I have created a list of some of the top Pre-K programs in Howard County. Note that some of these schools have pre-K for various ages younger than 4, in fact some of them may be able to take kids that are younger than 1. If I don’t mention which age the school starts, please contact the…

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schools closed camps spring break howard county md Columbia Maryland Education kids activities 

School’s Out and Spring Break Camps in Howard County Maryland 2017 – 2018 School Year

Looking for ideas for what to do with your kids when school’s are closed in Howard County for the 2017 – 2018 school year? Here are a few of the organizations that I know that can provide care during days off such as Spring Break, Fall Break, and other days off during the school year. Howard County Conservancy – Great camps. Space available on Sept 21 and Sept. 22, 2017, October 21, Jan 15, February 16, March 30, and May 18, 2018. Club Science Kids – I love these camps….

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Apps to control your kids screen time at home kids activities Parenting Phone Bills Technology 

Parental Control Apps to Monitor and Control Your Child’s Screen Time

As a parent, I hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it did. Screens have invaded the minds of my two girls, and I needed to get control over it. Since my kids switch between a few devices and types, I needed to use a combination of things to reign this in. Here is what I was up against: Mobile Phones – My kids both have mobile phone devices from Republic Wireless. That means they can use either mobile data plans or WiFi to access the internet. I needed to be able…

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Restaurant Recommendations for Families with Kids in Howard County Columbia Maryland Food kids activities Nutrition 

Great Restaurants in Howard County for Kids

We’re always working on finding the restaurants in Howard County that offer the best experience and best quality food for our family lunch and dinner outings. It’s easy to go to the usual suspect restaurants such as Friday’s and Red Robin, but there are other great restaurants that you and your kids may enjoy. Below find a few of my favorites. Cava Grill (Columbia) – This is currently my favorite restaurant. They offer Greek food Chipotle-style. You and your family get a healthy meal and they have great beverages such…

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Google Home Review for Families and Kids Reviews Technology 

Google Home for Kids

We recently added a Google Home to our household. We’ve all been having alot of fun with it and I think it’s very useful for families with children. The device is relatively family friendly, and my kids love having it–so do I. Ways we use Google Home with Kids in our house Timers: I think the timer feature is one of the “killer app” aspects of the Google Home. You simply say something like “Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes for Piano,” and it will start running a…

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Summer Camps in Howard County Maryland Education Featured Parenting Summer Camps - No School Camps 

26+ High Quality, “Don’t Miss This” Summer Camps in Howard County for Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is approaching, and so is summer vacation–so I have made a list of summer camps in Howard County (as well as near me in adjoining counties).  As a former teacher, I can tell you that summer can do some damage to your child’s skills.  Every year the kids come back to school with lower reading and math abilities than they left with the previous year. The reasons will be obvious to most parents who have themselves spent their summers watching TV, hanging out with friends and avoiding anything…

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Where To Have Kids Birthday Parties in Howard County Maryland Childrens' Birthday Parties kids activities Kids Birthday Parties Party Ideas 

Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Howard County MD

SEE MY LIST OF 47+ IDEAS FOR KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTIES BELOW I am really sure other parents are as sick as I am of inflatable bounce house birthday parties.  It’s not to say kids don’t enjoy them–they are fun, but they are so repetitive and unimaginative, and I really can’t stand the production-line-style birthday party they seem to thrive on. To help parents combat the urge to take the easiest route, I present my list of birthday party ideas–some of the party locations are typical, but others more unusual, creative and even…

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