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Review of Lifetime Fitness / Lifetime Athletics Gym in Columbia MD

Updated on December 1, 2016 By Eron Cohen. This is my two part review of Lifetime Fitness/Lifetime Athletics ( click here to view part 2 ). Although this is a review of Lifetime Fitness (recently renamed to Lifetime Athletics) in Columbia Maryland, much of it applies to most of the Lifetime Athletics/Life Time Fitness Clubs in the USA and Canada. I will try to give you my best assessment in a fair, honest way. I also mention some alternatives to Lifetime Fitness in the Columbia area at the end of…

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Easy Ways to Save Money Part 4 – Change Your Cell Phone/Mobile Phone Provider

If you have AT&T or Verizon contracts for your smartphone, you’re paying too much money.  Not only are you paying too much, but you probably don’t have an unlimited data plan and it is likely that you have some stupid text messaging cost arrangement too.  If you have T-Mobile or Sprint, then you’re probably getting a better deal, but there are still savings to be had–and sometimes those savings are so great that it might be worth to break your contract and pay the penalty to switch to a different…

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Easy Ways To Save Money Part 2: Get Rid of Your Home Phone Service

Easy Ways to Save Money Part 2 This is part two of my series on ways I have been saving money that have been easy to adjust to.  This one focuses on home phone service.   I have written others about easily saving money on electricity and changing your mobile phone provider. If you still have regular “land line” phone service at your home, you are probably wasting some money–it is time to “cut the cord!”  Specifically if you have stand-alone phone service from Verizon or some other dial-tone provider you need to…

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Save money on your electricity billambit best energy choice provider kwh Recommendations Save Money save money on electricity 

Easy Ways to Save Money – Part 1: Changing Your Electricity Provider

Changing electricity providers can result in significant savings I wanted to write a post that outlines a few ways that I have saved more than a few dollars lately.  Even if you’re not really on a budget, these ideas should make sense, after all a penny saved is a penny earned, but for most families with kids, every penny helps. If this post helps you out, see my other posts in this series:   Ditching Your Home Phone, Changing Your Mobile Phone Provider, Why We Shop at Costco and Getting rid of cable TV…

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What’s For Breakfast? Healthy ideas for breakfast for kids of busy families

Say NO to donuts and pastries for breakfast. Such a bad idea–especially for kids. Recently I have noticed that one of the parents in my daughter’s school is giving her child donuts and/or pre-made and packaged waffles/pancakes for breakfast every day. It can be difficult for families to eat right and to give their kids healthy choices for breakfast.  It is very hard, especially when time is short in the mornings, but this child is going to be at risk for diabetes and isn’t getting the best “brain food” for…

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Off Topic Post: Potty Seat for Elongated Toilet (Oval shaped instead of round)

I recently had to replace the toilet in the girls’ bathroom.  I wanted to save water, so I went with an eco-friendly dual-flush toilet from Costco.  The great thing about it is that it has two flushers–one that releases a small amount of water, and one that releases the full tank…so depending, uh, what you’re flushing, you choose the flush accordingly. The problem it presented was that our round potty seats from Target don’t fit right–they are more for round toilets, and this toilet is more of an oval shape…

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Book Recommendations

Here are some book recommendations for interesting books I’ve recently read. Most of these are available on Amazon or via ebook/audiobook.  These books were all fascinating and informative about living in our times: Freakonomics by Dubner & Levitt Freakonomics II by Dubner & Levitt Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely Moon Walking With Einstein by Joshua Fore Incognito Nurtureshock Manufacturing Depression

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Review of North Beach Maryland – Great Summer Beach Day Trip

Review of North Beach, Maryland If you are like many parents these days, a getaway to Ocean City or some of the other Maryland, Virginia and Delaware beaches is just a bit too much of a commitment in time and money.  So then there are the Chesapeake Bay beaches to consider, and although none of them are quite the same as, say Ocean City, there are two or three that come to my mind that might be decent day-trip substitutes.  They are all in Calvert County and they are: North…

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Kids First Swim School ReviewColumbia Maryland Recommendations Review Reviews Secondary Features 

Review of Kids First Swim School

Review of Kid’s First Swim School My girls have been taking swimming lessons at Kids First Swim School since they were a few months old. Summary: I have good and bad things to say about our experiences with them over the years.  I would tell people to look for other alternatives if they have one available (see below for some ideas in Columbia MD).  If you’re wondering about the cost of lessons, as of February 27, 2013, 6 weeks worth of half hour lessons are $100.  Considering that you don’t…

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Education Recommendations 

Best Resources for Teaching Young Children to Read

I have two children- a girl in preschool who just turned five and another one who is three and a half.  The five year old can read and comprehend on the fourth grade level, and the other one is able to read most five and six letter words without hesitation and reads books like Fancy Nancy with total fluency. I know that might sound like bragging, and of course I am proud of them, but I take very little credit for their abilities other than giving some time and guidance…

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