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Private Schools in Howard County Maryland

Living in Howard County Maryland means that the bar is set relatively high for public schools–not to mention private schools in Howard County. By many standards, Maryland and Massachusetts have the best schools in the USA.  And within Maryland, the two top contenders are Montgomery County Public Schools and Howard County Public Schools.  So this is to say that Howard County’s schools are among the best in the country. Still, to many parents there are a multitude of issues about both Howard County and Montgomery County Public Schools that drive them to look for alternatives….

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Outstanding Preschools In Howard County Maryland

There are many choices for preschools in Howard County, Maryland.  Finding the right fit can be difficult. It is not always easy to know which school to trust with your young children. You want to find a school with smart teachers who will be able to recognize your child’s talents and skills and bring them up from there. Preschool should be fun, but hopefully your child will be involved in both learning fun and play fun, or both. To help you with finding the best preschools, I have created a…

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Private school or public school?

I recently read an article on which was talking about why the author was going to send her kids to public school.  She was basically saying that if she didn’t send her kids to public school, she would not be doing her part to improve public schools–that parents should all send their kids to public school no matter what, so they could change the system and improve it from within. I thought some of the readers’ contrary comments were right on the mark.   I thought this comment from…

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