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Great Restaurants in Howard County for KidsColumbia Maryland Food kids activities Nutrition 

Great Restaurants in Howard County for Kids

We’re always working on finding the restaurants in Howard County that offer the best experience and best quality food for our family lunch and dinner outings. It’s easy to go to the usual suspect restaurants such as Friday’s and Red Robin, but there are other great restaurants that you and your kids may enjoy. Below find a few of my favorites. Cava Grill (Columbia) – This is currently my favorite restaurant. They offer Greek food Chipotle-style. You and your family get a healthy meal and they have great beverages such…

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School’s Out and Spring Break Camps in Howard County Maryland 2017Columbia Maryland Education kids activities 

School’s Out and Spring Break Camps in Howard County Maryland 2017

Looking for ideas for what to do with your kids when school’s are closed in Howard County? Here are a few of the organizations that I know that can provide care during days off such as Spring Break, Fall Break, and other days off during the school year. Club Science Kids – I love these camps. Great organization. Your kids are going to have a great time and learn some STEM! Howard County Recreation and Parks – Always a good choice. Columbia Association – CA is offering a few camps over…

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Review of Lifetime Fitness / Lifetime Athletics Gym in Columbia MDColumbia Maryland Featured Recommendations Review Reviews 

Review of Lifetime Fitness / Lifetime Athletics Gym in Columbia MD

Updated on December 1, 2016  By Eron Cohen. This is my two part review of Lifetime Fitness/Lifetime Athletics (click here to view part 2). Although this is a review of Lifetime Fitness (recently renamed to Lifetime Athletics) in Columbia Maryland, much of it applies to most of the Lifetime Athletics/Life Time Fitness Clubs in the USA and Canada. I will try to give you my best assessment in a fair, honest way.   I also mention some alternatives to Lifetime Fitness in the Columbia area at the end of this review….

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Review of Kids First Swim SchoolColumbia Maryland Recommendations Review Reviews Secondary Features 

Review of Kids First Swim School

Review of Kid’s First Swim School My girls have been taking swimming lessons at Kids First Swim School since they were a few months old. Summary: I have good and bad things to say about our experiences with them over the years.  I would tell people to look for other alternatives if they have one available (see below for some ideas in Columbia MD).  If you’re wondering about the cost of lessons, as of February 27, 2013, 6 weeks worth of half hour lessons are $100.  Considering that you don’t…

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